No, it’s not a type of drug, albeit that would be a pretty cool thing to name one.

Morpheme, infact, is another way to say word.

[technically, it means the smallest meaningful unit in the grammar of a language, but same thing]


Today, I want to talk about words.


I’ve always had a sort of fascination with words, and how if you put the right ones together they could create a beatific melody and everything just falls into place.


It’s one of the reasons I wanted to be a writer. Another one was because I didn’t want to go to waste. I’ve always had a sneaky fear of leaving this world without doing anything productive. And being a fanatic reader, lover of stories, and having a head full of turbulent ideas, I guess it just happened.


But back to words.


They are so eloquent and persuasive. Sometimes, I admit, words can be worthless, ruthless, or dismissing, but most of the time they are crucial. Not just for living things to communicate the basic needs and wants of one another, but to let people express their emotions, thoughts, and ideas.


I’ve been recently thinking about the most important word in the universe. I first thought it must be the word used the most, but that would probably be I and that’s too selfish, or it might be and, but that’s too trivial. And then I realized that maybe the words used more often are the most meaningless exactly because they have been said so much, in all manners, in all contexts, and of no real essence.

So I think that the quintessential word of all, the one that matters most, is the one that encompasses the thing or things that are so mind-blowingly incomprehensible that words cannot express them.


I know that basically means that words only describe the basic, comprehendible parts of being, but that makes the words that don’t exist, that we’ll never hear spoken from someone’s lips, so much more precious.


And I know now I must be rambling, so on to what I originally meant this blog post for:

The beauty of using words to express ourselves.


Weird how writers find their biggest passion in that, but as one, I completely understand. I imagine to non-writers it might be like how I feel about track & field.

I don’t get how other people could possible devote their whole lives to doing it, yet I know to them it must be freeing of the soul.


And I’ll never understand why someone might absolutely despise reading, when that’s all I can do, but then again they want to become video game programmers, something I despise, so what am I being a hypocrite for?

I know listing here the words I look up to would be too tedious, so I won’t even try.


Another thing I really enjoy is making words up when you can’t express yourself clearly, or if you don’t like the words presented to you on your tongue. This is where artistic freedom really comes in handy. I’ve described crowds as braily or a sound as a whisp all the while fully knowing that those words did not exist in an English dictionary.


And I really do hope that I’m not the only one who appreciates words and their utter prowess when it comes to captivating us.


penny for your thoughts?

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