Recently, I’ve been really into the show Castle.


Other than Bones and Veronica Mars, before Castle I had never been one of those girls who watched a lot of detective/murder/police shows.

But then Castle came along. [yes, in this post I’m only going to use Castle gifs to express my feels.]


I instantly fell in love with it. Not only is the main character a charming, witty, and “ruggedly handsome” writer but every single murder has a very complicated and twisted story of its own. I know every detective series has it like that too, but for some reason Castle‘s stories seem more intricately woven.

Or maybe I am biased.

Granted, the main reason I’m watching the series is not because of the amazing murder plots but because of the romantic line in the story. Sue me but I like it when the romantic plot-line in a series is well-written. And in Castle, Kate Beckett and Richard Castle are fangirl-worthy.


Seriously, who can’t love these two?

Basically, it’s about a famous mystery writer [Richard Castle] who is asked by the police to help them investigate a series of murders because the victims were murdered the same peculiar way he had written them in his books.

After they solved the case [that’s the first episode], Castle realizes he really likes solving real-life cases [plus Detective Kate Beckett is hot] so he convinces the force to let him shadow Detective Beckett on her cases for his new book inspired by her.

Long story short, the book is so successful he makes it into a series and as of now he’s been “shadowing” Beckett for six years.


Beckett keeps a lot of information about herself from Castle, while Castle is more open.

tumblr_n4vvtuZrD21rwwuy5o2_500 tumblr_n4vvtuZrD21rwwuy5o1_500

The reason I’m writing this is not to convince you to watch it, since you should be doing that already. No, the reason I’m writing this is because I need to vent out my love for this show before I erupt into happy little corrupted butterflies and let my brain fly away.

It could happen.


To let you get an even deeper insight about my feels for this show, here’s a gif that represents my facial expression when Castle‘s on.

tumblr_ml0q6eahDC1rqmy9yo1_250  and also:  tumblr_ml0q6eahDC1rqmy9yo2_250

and if someone asks what the hell is wrong with me, I’ll be like:


and my dog, Yeti, will be like: “YOLO!”


And this is the end because now I’m in the mood to watch more Castle, byeeeeeeeee!


One thought on “castle.

  1. Panna, finally! Someone that loves Castle as much as I do. I can’t control my emotions right now also I don’t want to word-vomit all over your brilliantly written blog. I’ll just suppress these feelings for a while.

    And say ‘hey’ to Yeti from my side. [those Neal Caffery gifs are very attractive]


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