book reviews.

I am going to review some books here, not in a professional way but in a loose, I-just-feel-like-writing-my-opinions-about-books way. If you want to share your own opinion on a book I reviewed, comment on the post 😛

If I like a book, I’ll probably smell it:


If I am neither pleased nor absolutely horrified of the book, I’ll probably never read it again and use it as paper weight or something.


If I really, really don’t like a book then I’ll be extremely angry for wasting my time reading something rubbish instead of reading something else that actually matters:

tumblr_n3b5bz1G1D1tw1vhco1_500   tumblr_inline_mw4pqqYrqm1somqay


And if it’s apparent that a book is awful in the first couple chapters, I won’t even finish it. I wanted to tell you that because there are some people like my mom and sister who, even if they already know they don’t like the book, will still finish it just because they don’t like keeping things hanging. I’m not like that. I can’t stand reading a book I don’t like.


I think the best books are the ones you read in a day because it’s so good you can’t go on with your life until you’re done.


And then once you’ve finished, you feel like there is a huge, empty hole in your soul because there is no more of the story. That’s it.

tumblr_n39s4e9ubY1qf8jkho1_250   tumblr_n39s4e9ubY1qf8jkho2_250  tumblr_n37g02eIkn1tw1vhco1_250   tumblr_inline_n2x692lVkJ1rpntky

But you know, that’s just me.




penny for your thoughts?

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